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Product categories of Interior & Floor Tiles, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Interior & Floor Tiles, Tiles For Interior Wall suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Tiles For Floor R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!

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Interior & Floor Tiles

First, according to the space classification:

Kitchen Tiles, Living Room Tiles, Restaurant Tiles, Balcony Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Study Tiles, Bedroom Tiles, Wall Tiles, Stairs Tiles

Second, according to the function classification:

Anti-skid tiles, wear-resistant tiles, anti-fouling tiles, anion tiles, electrostatic tiles, high strength tiles, permeable tiles, waterproof tiles, antifreeze tiles

Third, in accordance with the production process points:

There are mainly glazed tiles, unglazed tiles, whole body tiles, polished tiles

Glazed tiles: the body surface to impose zirconium white glaze, glaze protection, transparent glaze glaze medium ceramic tiles;

Unglazed brick: the body surface does not impose various types of glaze, directly naked ceramic tile burning;

Full-body brick: ceramic tile body through the fabric, seepage and Other technology coloring glazed brick and unglazed brick

Polished: refers to the surface of the tile after a polished brick process.

Fourth, the main tile category commentary

1 Full cast glaze tile

Full cast glaze tile is a glaze polishing process can be a special formula glaze, which is applied to the last of the antique brick glaze, the current general transparent glaze or transparent convex glaze, applied to the all-thrown Glaze full throw glaze set of polished brick and antique brick advantages in one.

Glazed polished glazed tiles as smooth as bright as polished, at the same time glazed colors such as antique brick-like pattern rich, thick colors or brilliant. Touch by hand, the surface light and soft, smooth does not protrude, appears crystal clear, underglaze stone texture clear and natural, and the upper transparent glaze fusion, like a layer of transparent crystal glaze film covering, making the overall level more three-dimensional clarity.

Full cast glazed tile surface as long as there is about 0.5-1mm glaze layer on it. The polished brick also 2-3mm of fine material; polishing glaze pattern simulation is easy to do, the cost is low. Full cast glaze tile production more environmentally friendly, glazed layer firing faster, lower energy consumption, glaze polishing than the lower energy consumption and higher yields. Glazing after the ultra-flat glaze and other products, is the full cast glaze product upgrades.

2 ceramic stone

In the line known as ceramic glass ceramic composite board, is a layer of 3-5mm glass-ceramic composite ceramic vitrified surface, after the second sintering completely integrated into high-tech products, in simple terms, microcrystalline Stone and other ceramic tile products is the biggest difference between the surface layer of glass-ceramic.

Microcrystalline stone tile, as a polished brick, antique tile after another of the most attractive new category, also known as micro-ceramic stone micro-jade, jade spar, etc.;

3 Rustic porcelain tile

Antique tiles is a kind of glazed ceramic tile. The embryo body is made of porcelain (about 3% of water absorption) or quality (about 8% of water absorption). It is used for building wall and floor. Because of the color and texture, it is similar to stone veneer After a long time, the industry generally referred to as antique brick.

Antique brick is not a product of China's building ceramics industry, is imported from abroad. Antique brick is evolved from the color glazed tiles, in essence, glazed porcelain tiles. Compared with ordinary glazed tiles, the difference is mainly reflected in the glaze color above.

4 polished tiles

Polished brick is the surface of the whole body of brick polished by a bright brick, is a kind of whole body brick. Relative to the whole brick, the polished surface to be much more smooth.

Hard wear-resistant polished tiles, suitable for use in the toilet, kitchen and other interior space. In the use of seepage technology, based on the polished tiles can make a variety of Faux Stone Tiles, faux beick tiles effect.

Polished tiles are also divided into seepage-type polished tiles, micro-brick (superfine powder), multi-tube fabric, ceramic stone, anti-static polishing brick and other categories.

5 Faux Wood Tiles

Wood Grain brick is a kind of surface appearance of wood grain decorative patterns of new environmentally friendly building materials. Sub-original edge (when firing is a long strip, without cutting) and hardcover side (brick, post-cut paving) two categories, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Wood grain brick refers to the surface with natural wood texture pattern decorative ceramic tiles, divided into two kinds of glazed tiles and split brick. The former is through the screen printing process or paste ceramic paper flowers to make the product surface grainy pattern, while the latter is the use of two or more different colors were burned in the billet with a vacuum screw extruder spiral mixing After the cut through the mouth of the formation of the wood-like texture of its usual block of products split brick.

With the improvement of technology, wood grain brick products have matured, according to the surface gloss division, in addition to the traditional matte wood bricks, but also can be divided into bright wood grain bricks (full cast glaze wood bricks), soft light Wood grain brick.

6 Faux Marble Tile

Marble tiles, refers to a natural marble with realistic texture, color and texture of a class of ceramic tile products, with natural marble realistic decorative effect and the superior performance of ceramic tiles, to abandon the natural marble various natural defects, it is the epoch-making ceramic industry Innovator is also a masterpiece of the modern top-level ceramic tile manufacturing process. It is a new ceramic tile category following porcelain tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles and ceramic tiles.

Marble tiles have a whole body marble tiles, soft marble tiles, gold marble tiles.

7 tiles

Porcelain refers to the surface of the wall with a secondary surface of the patch, is a kind of interior wall, the surface is smooth, belonging to the whole body brick. Suitable for family and public places in the bathroom, kitchen;

8 polishing crystal brick tile (K gold brick)

Polished crystal tiles, also known as K gold tiles, throw glaze, glazed polished tiles. Under the glaze color technology and the body surface covered with a layer of transparent frit, the secondary calcination at high temperature, (gold-plated), polished, the surface of the product three-dimensional sense of strong, glazed delicate, crystal clear, noble and luxurious, is a tile In the high-end products.

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