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Tiles on the wall or porcelain. Choose the tips of the tiles.


There are many wall decoration materials on the market today, such as wallpaper, tiles, tiles and so on. Among them, because of the difference between the tiles and the tiles, many owners will confuse them. In fact, the difference between the two is still quite large. So is the tile on the wall or the tile? Let's take a look at the relevant knowledge right away.

First, the wall is tiled or porcelain

Tiles are believed to be familiar to everyone. Tiles are porcelain made of high-temperature pressed refractory metal oxides such as clay and quartz sand, called tiles. The styles of the tiles vary and the type of decoration is wider. Moreover, the tiles are hard and wear-resistant, and the use time is longer, and the various styles of the wall can be decorated according to their own preferences.

Porcelain piece, also called flower piece or tile in the market, is made by grinding the surface of the whole body brick, so the surface is very bright and belongs to the kind of interior wall brick. The porcelain sheet has ultra-thin properties, and the paving is more labor-saving and very firm. In the case that the base surface is not solid in time, the porcelain sheet is affixed and sturdy, and it is not easy to fall off when it is posted on the wall.

Is it good to use tiles or tiles on the wall? From the point of view of the adhesion degree, the porcelain sheet is more excellent because it is more firmly bonded to the cement; if it is considered from the viewpoint of service life, the ceramic tile is definitely a good choice and the service life is longer.

Second, how to choose porcelain

1, look

Look for a place with sufficient light, and place the tiles vertically for observation. The high-quality porcelain patterns are delicate and realistic, and whether there are defects such as lack of color and broken wires; whether the trademark is clear and complete.

2, measurement

Place the same batch of products vertically on the plane to see if they are flush, and then observe the flatness and warpage of the edge of the tile. You can also hold the edges of the two tiles together to see if there are any gaps.

3, listen

Hold the corner of the tile with your hand and let it hang down easily. Then use your finger to gently tap the middle and lower part of the tile. The sound of the high-quality tile is clear and sweet, and the inferior product is dull.

3, water

The water droplets are placed on the back of the ceramic sheet. After carefully dispersing the water, if the infiltration is slow, it proves that the density of the ceramic sheet is large and can be regarded as the top grade.

4, cut

Observe the break of the tile. The high-quality tiles break more fine, hard and brittle, and the color is consistent. Inferior tiles are rough and uneven in color distribution.

The conclusion of the article: The tile on the wall or the porcelain tile and the purchase technique of the tile are introduced here. No matter whether the tile or the tile has its own advantages and disadvantages, you can choose according to your own needs and try to be as far as possible. It is best to avoid disadvantages.

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