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Thin ceramic tiles construction process


Thin Ceramic Tiles construction process

1. Construction method: the binder is evenly scraped on the construction base layer with a serrated boring tool, and then the building ceramic thin plate is pressed into the adhesive by rolling to form a strong bonding layer with a thickness of 3-6 mm. Construction method

2. Construction preparation:
Material preparation: special binder for ceramic sheets (single component), special binder for Thin Porcelain Tiles (two components).

Tool preparation: mixing bucket, small ash shovel, serrated trowel, straight wood bar, support plate, level ruler, ink fountain, nylon thread, 2m relying on the ruler board, sprinkler shell, wire brush, long brush, small rubber hammer, big glue Hammer and so on.

3, the construction process: the base layer treatment → elastic line division → material preparation → thin board paste surface cleaning → binder construction → sheet laying → surface cleaning and maintenance.

Thin Wall Tiles construction considerations

1. However, since the ceramic thin brick is much thinner than the ordinary ceramic tile, the production process needs to be more advanced, and the construction is also very particular. It should be handled lightly to avoid cracking of the tile during the construction process.

2. Before laying ceramic thin tiles, the base should be solid, flat and clean, and there should be no cracks, clear water, empty drums, etc., and the gap between the gaps should be removed before the joint construction and wetted with water. Gap, etc., and the construction environment temperature should be 25 ° C ~ 35 ° C, too cold or too hot are not good.

3. If cement-based adhesive is used to bond ceramic thin bricks during construction, the adhesive should be evenly combed with a toothed file. The tooth shape should be full and clear. The thickness of the adhesive should be 1.0~1.5mm, and the wood rod, rubber raft, etc. Tap to make the tile and adhesive adhere more firmly, and the excess adhesive should be removed immediately.

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