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Is the exterior of the school building decorated with stone effect paint or decorated with ceramic tiles?

The excellent stone coating has excellent corrosion resistance, good fireproof performance, many varieties and long service life, and it pays attention to the overall matching effect. However, there are many problems with tile finishes. Such as construction safety problems, construction methods are relatively messy, tile construction efficiency is low, construction speed is slow, etc. It is also a significant defect of ceramic tiles, and the cost is also high, especially the safety problem has always been its bottleneck, which is for a school. It is especially a big hidden danger.

In terms of safety, the exterior wall Stone Effect Paint has a great advantage over the ceramic tile. It will not be like a tile. It will loosen and fall for a long time, and there will be incidents of wounding people. The quality of Faux Stone Paint is light and it is not easy to fall off the whole piece. Even if it falls, it will not cause serious troubles. Therefore, it is absolutely wise for the school to replace the tiles with safety hazards with faux stone paint.

In addition, the faux stone paint decoration performance is strong, it is a thick paste coating of natural stone, marble and granite. Natural color, natural stone texture, various grid design, can provide a variety of three-dimensional pattern structure, visually highlight the elegance and solemn beauty of the entire building. The stain-resistant performance is good, 90 dirt is difficult to adhere, and after the rain has been washed, it is bright and new, and manual cleaning is easier. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for a variety of base surfaces of concrete brick walls, foam, plaster, aluminum and glass. It can also be painted with the shape of the building. The service life is up to 10 years. It can meet the needs of the increasingly personalized development of the high-end architectural decoration industry, such as the development of imitation marble and imitation granite paint, which shows the importance of the painting process. Only the more complete and more suitable construction technology can fully display the real stone paint. Unique appearance and superior performance.

The most important point is that the exterior wall stone effect paint has the characteristics of high construction speed, high efficiency, short construction period and convenient construction, and the construction party makes full use of the school holiday time to carry out the construction. It can be said that the stone coating has been fully studied. Features. Compared with the construction of external wall tiles, real stone paint saves time and saves money. The Stone Wall Paint for the same unit area is also more affordable.