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How to avoid the appearance of empty marble effect tiles and falling off after the decoration

How to avoid the appearance of empty Marble Effect Tiles and falling off after the decoration is not only a concern of consumers, but also a major topic in the application research of the bundled paving accessories.
1. Use tile adhesive instead of cement. The Ceramic Tile Adhesive is modified cement. By adding various high molecular polymers, the performance of traditional cement is further improved, and it is more flexible and aging resistant, and the adhesion is 2 to 3 times that of conventional cement. The bonding principle is mainly the adsorption principle and the diffusion principle, and the adaptability is strong, and the paving of building materials can be carried out on various base surfaces, such as (paste on brick, glass tile, etc.). The use of tile adhesive tiling can solve the problem of low-absorbent ceramic tile wall.

2. Use a targeted adhesive. Various ceramic tile products on the market have different requirements for construction materials due to different firing processes. For example, the adhesive for the mosaic differs from the adhesive used for the tile and stone. The mosaics are made of different materials such as glass, ceramics, and platinum. Each material has different pH requirements for the binder. For large-size microcrystalline stones and Thin Ceramic Tiles, the requirements for binders are significantly different from those of porcelain tiles and antique tiles. Therefore, when purchasing the adhesive of the tile product, the binder should be selected to match the tile product.

3. Use high quality tile adhesive. The adhesive is not much different in appearance from ordinary cement. It is usually gray and white in white, and white is generally used in stone. In order to avoid the bad filling of the bad business, the consumer can distinguish the quality of the adhesive from three aspects: A. By stirring, the cement and the adhesive are respectively dipped by the fingers, and the adhesive is in the glass and the high. Adhesive wood board and Other base surface, and cement or poor quality adhesive will fall off quickly; B. When conditions permit, the tile can be coated with adhesive on the inverted base surface, such as wood and glass. Wait, then tilt the base to see if the brick will fall, if not, it means a good quality tile adhesive. C. The better the water retention, the better the quality of the binder. Under normal conditions, the slower the drying of the binder, the better the construction performance.

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