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Exterior Wall Paint

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Exterior Masonry Paint


Stone Effect Paint

According to statistics, in developed countries, architectural coatings in the external wall decoration in the application is extremely extensive. Western European countries, almost all the external walls of Exterior Wall Paint decoration, the United States has 70% of the external walls of the building is decorated with exterior paint, Singapore has more than 85% of the residential building facade with exterior paint decoration, Once the extravagant wall decoration materials outside the wall tiles are now greatly replaced by Exterior Masonry Paint trends. So outside the wall paint compared to the advantages of the external walls tiles in the end where? Below, UMS on the real natural stone paint as an example of exterior paint for house, with you to learn more about it.

Exterior Wall PaintExterior Wall Latex Paint

Exterior walls tiles of the shortcomings

The main types of mural and glazed tiles, etc., with the use of refractory clay after molding from the roasting, texture dense, glazed bright, wear, water, corrosion and frost resistance is good, Giving a bright crystal, clean and generous beauty, with good decorative effect, but there are some obvious deficiencies:

1. Color choice is small, narrow range.

2. Repeated freezing and thawing, tile adhesive aging, easy to fall off, resulting in security risks.

3. Easy to penetrate, waterproof performance in general.

4. External wall drilling is easy to cause loose tiles off, repair difficult.

5. Waste brick can not be natural degradation, high processing costs.

6. The production process of soil, coal and Other non-renewable resources consumption.

7. Construction of high technical requirements, easy to produce hollowing, the seam is not straight, not sticky and other quality problems, duration longer.

8. The government does not advocate. High-rise and street pedestrians through the flow of people gathered outside the building to limit the use of external walls.

As the exterior wall decoration materials, the decorative effect of external walls tiles is undeniable, but its construction and post-maintenance also need to spend a lot of manpower and resources, the most deadly is the risk of loss of wounding, and the external house paint It has greatly improved these problems. The following let UMS to the common external wall paint real natural stone paint as an example to learn more about the exterior paint compared to the advantages of external walls tiles.

Really stone paint has a unique advantage

Really stone paint is a very extensive application of external walls of paint, with granite, marble, natural rock and other stone decorative effect, natural color, realistic, can give people a solemn, elegant, luxurious visual enjoyment. It is made of natural stone and natural powder of natural granite with different particle size. Can be divided into styrene-acrylic, pure C, C and C three categories, including pure C and silicon-shenzhen stone has excellent durability, water resistance and weather resistance.

Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint

Compared to the external wall tiles, Exterior Stone Paint has the following advantages:

First, low consumption of biodegradable

Durable Exterior Wall Paint in the environmental protection, production, decoration, construction, the protection of the building, safety, economic expenditure and other aspects have obvious advantages, such as the external wall paint does not exist light pollution, thermal pollution problems, aging film can be Environmental degradation. In addition, the external wall paint does not exist on the soil, coal and other non-renewable resources consumption.

Second, beautiful, simple construction, convenient, easy to update

Exterior coatings are more flexible in terms of production than the external walls tiles, have almost no limit on production, and are able to ensure product consistency, can choose any color, but also according to the customer's product performance requirements for product development. This flexibility allows designers to design a wider space, the use of color almost without any restrictions, and can be modified at any time.

Third, light weight, safe

According to the experts, according to the current domestic exterior decoration habits, the use of mosaic per square meter more than 6 kg, the use of brick, brick, marble is more heavy, and the use of paint decoration per square meter weight will not exceed 1.5 kg, Paint decoration can effectively reduce the load of the building, and there is no risk of loss of injury.

Fourth, the building has a better protective effect, Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint

The seamless decoration of the coating can not only resist the destruction of the wall more effectively, but also repair the defects of the wall itself, such as cracking and other unavoidable problems; from the cost, the use of high-grade decoration costs and The cost of using mosaic is similar. This is also an important reason for the rising application of exterior paint schemes applications in recent years.

In summary, Exterior Wall Latex Paint with low resource consumption, easy to update the construction, no security risks, exterior paint colors and variety of rich and many other advantages, it will be more and more need to use the external wall decoration customers. Stone Effect Paint as a kind of exterior paint, in addition to all the advantages above, but also with the natural stone is very similar to the decorative effect, more by the customer's favor.

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