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UMS New Materials Industry Co., Ltd. focus on vinyl flooring customization, OEM and Export. Our Huizhou factory was built in 2008, and Heyuan new factory started production in 2018. They are all located in Guangdong Province, China, close to Yantian Port and Huangpu Port. We have a modern manufacturing plant with a total area of 70,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 4,000 standard containers. We mainly produce and develop various vinyl flooring products, including LVT, SPC, WPC and LSPC, mainly for residential and commercial markets. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries in the world. We have obtained ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001: 2015 system certification, Floorscore, CE, green label and various SGS test reports certification. Our factory has been committed to the research and development of new materials, insisted on using high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment, and continued to promote product innovation and quality control. The product quality and service have been unanimously praised by well-known flooring brand buyers. Related Products List: SPC Vinyl Flooring,Luxury Vinyl Flooring,PVC Vinyl Flooring,Luxury Vinyl Plank,Luxury Vinyl Tile,Click Lock LVT Flooring, Loose Lay PVC Flooring
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  • Definition For SPC Flooring

    Definition For SPC Flooring

      The SPC core of SPC Flooring Definition is a dimensionally stable and waterproof core by combining limestone powder and stabilizers. Laminate flooring and hard core flooring may hav
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  • Definition For SPC Vinyl Flooring

    Definition For SPC Vinyl Flooring

     SPC Vinyl Flooring Definition uses our UMSN acrylic coating to protect every design from dirt, moisture, stains and scratches. Hardcore luxury vinyl flooring, also known as SPC Vinyl Floorin
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  • Nstallation For SPC Flooring

    Nstallation For SPC Flooring

     SPC Flooring Nstallation uses our UMSN acrylic coating to protect every design from dirt, moisture, stains and scratches. Vinyl SPC Flooring is currently the most durable plastic floor. Comm
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  • Nstallation For SPC Vinyl Flooring

    Nstallation For SPC Vinyl Flooring

     Each SPC Vinyl Flooring Nstallation will have a thin layer of vinyl attached. This layer is waterproof and will contain the pattern, texture and appearance of the floor. The Rigid Core Click Fl
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  • Granite wall tile 60X90cm, 60x120cm Matte, texture, rich color, soft tone, dense surface, no dirt, good self-cleaning performance, safe and reliable paving. External granite tile size: 40x80cm, 60x90cm, 60x120cm Thickness: 5.5mm-12mm With the natural texture of natural stone, without the radiation hazards of natural stone, the digital spray glaze texture is more harmonious and natural. Exterior wall tiles not only decorate the entire building, but because of its acid and alkali resistance and stable physical and chemical properties, it plays an important role in protecting the wall.
  • New Product 400x800x7.8mm Marble porcelain tile The marble porcelain tile has a long-term ratio of 2:1, and the surface effect is consistent with the marble process, which is suitable for wall and floor decoration. The thickness of the product is 7.8mm, which is lower than the thickness of about 10mm of traditional marble tiles. It can reduce the cutting process and lower the handling cost. Marble effect tiles are not limited by the paving process. It can be tiled with tile adhesive for convenient construction. High hardness, abrasion resistance, texture smooth polished porcelain tiles, non-staining, no cracking, more durable and conducive to cleaning. Simple and plain texture, white and gray criss-cross, bring retro humanistic feelings, freedom, casual.
  • Granite Wall Cladding Tile Granite wall panel size 300x600mm, 400x800mm, 600x900mm, 600x1200mm... Surface effect: It can be made into a matte finish, fire board finish or a polished finish. The faux granite tile after firing at 1200 °C, the simulation effect is good, the texture is good, the color is rich, and it does not fade or deform. Applicable to interior and exterior wall cladding tiles, it can be widely used in various public buildings, residential buildings and high-rise buildings. Advantages and application of granite wall tile 1. Strong physical properties, hard texture and acid resistance, wear resistance, and ordinary scratches will not cause damage. The performance of various materials far exceeds the traditional ceramics, stone, aluminum-plastic panels and other materials. 2, To achieve product thinning, product thickness is less than 5.5mm; save more than 60% of raw material resources, reduce comprehensive energy consumption by more than 50%, no matter from the use of raw materials, to the energy consumption in the production process, are well realized Low carbon target of [material saving and energy saving".
  • The exterior wall tile mosaic series include classical art brick series, wave brick series, color brick series, mosaic tile series and so on. According to the surface, it can be divided into plane, corrugated surface and stone surface. Tiles come in a variety of sizes and patterns. It is mostly used in real estate exterior walls in China. Its hardness is lower than that of stone, its water absorption rate is lower, its wear resistance is good, and it is loved by consumers. It is suitable for the decoration of outdoor walls, walkways, plazas, etc., to create style villa system, tailored for the project. The decorative effect is antique, simple and natural. At the same time, due to its rough surface, it produces diffuse reflection after the light is irradiated. The reflection is soft and not glare, and it will not cause light pollution to the surrounding environment.
  • Exterior wall slim tile - Granite series The quality of granite is determined by the mineral composition and structure. Granite with good quality, fine and uniform crystal particles, less mica content and more quartz, and does not contain pyrite. As a high-grade facing material, granite slim tiles is widely favored because of its hard and durable texture, colorful and diverse decorative effects. Granite effect tiles have high hardness, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, frost resistance, pollution resistance and durability. Can be made into a matte finish, matte finish or polished finish, often used in advanced architectural renovation projects exterior wall tiles.
  • 800x800x9.5mm Marble effect tiles decoration renderings Marble effect tiles use inkjet technology to restore the original color of marble, no color difference, harmonious color and natural texture, delicate and realistic texture, different from marble color instability. Under the guarantee of modern production technology, marble tiles excel in practical performances such as water resistance, flatness and flexural strength, and abandoned the defects of natural color marble, such as large color difference, smashing, easy water seepage, difficult to handle, etc. . The size of faux marble tiles depends on the size of the space. Our common tiles are generally 400-600mm in size and are square. Some space is even larger, even using 1000mm floor tiles. We have to choose the specifications of imitation marble tiles according to the actual space and area of the house. If the tiles are too big or too small, they will appear abrupt and uncoordinated, thus affecting the appearance. The patterns of marble tiles are various, avoiding the influence of splicing, or causing deformation of patterns, patterns and lines after splicing, and affecting the effect. Pay attention to the purchase when you purchase.
  • 600x900mm Wood effect tiles for floor The wood effect tiles is made of brick body. The surface has wood floor texture. Although it has no natural texture and soft and comfortable foot feeling, it has the characteristics of fire retardant, fire resistance, water resistance, long life and easy care. And ordinary ordinary tiles have good imitation performance, and children and elderly people are relatively safe to walk. Wood look tiles wear-resistant, no need to periodically wax and maintain like solid wood products, pattern, shape and color, product selection is more abundant than solid wood floor. Wood grain bricks are much cheaper than solid wood floors, wood grain bricks have long service life and low maintenance costs. It can be used in kitchens and bathroom spaces that are inconvenient to use faux wood tiles. It is also a good choice for outdoor floor tiles such as balconies. In addition, special attention should be paid to the lighting, the heavy wood grain space is suitable for the light color side lighting, and the light wood grain space should be illuminated obliquely with the warm light. The main specifications are 150*600, 600*600, 200*900, 200*1000, 600*900. Custom sizes are available upon request
  • 400x800x5.5mm Marble look tiles - Bathroom decoration renderings When choosing a bathroom tile, be sure to choose a non-slip tile and choose a tile with bumps or matte finishes because the bathroom floor is damp and slips when showering. Bathroom tiles must be chosen for bathroom tiles with low water absorption, as the water absorption of the tiles can thermally expand and contract, causing the tiles to crack and even the entire wall tiles to fall off. The color of the bathroom tiles needs to match the color of the bathroom fixtures to show a good overall effect. When choosing the color of the bathroom tiles, it is best not to be too deep, mainly light colors. Don't use too much color in the room, otherwise it will be easy to create a dazzling feeling. Bathrooms are usually small in size, and white and milky yellow are usually a better choice. Gray, blue, red and other shades of tiles should be avoided.
  • 750x1500 marble look tiles for living room 5.5mm thickness marble slim tiles. Polished surface, water absorption rate of 0.1% or less, high quality and stain resistance. The specifications are complete and the choices are varied. To create a bright effect in the living room, use polished porcelain tiles as a floor tile. The polished tiles have a smooth, hard surface and are suitable for most interior spaces except kitchens and kitchens. Light, white and grey floor tiles are suitable for minimalist style, so the floor tones of the tones are more prominent, adding to the softness of the interior. There are many ways to choose living room marble look tiles. The color scheme is also very special. The living room floor tiles are decorated in white, light beige and matte colours. When choosing the living room floor tiles, we must also consider various factors, not only to see whether the color matching and decoration style of the floor tiles are consistent, but also whether the floor tiles are wear-resistant, wear-resistant - durable and also have good anti-slip performance, Consider whether the floor tile size and living room area match?.
  • Granite effect exterior wall brick 300x600mm & 600x900mm Imitation granite wall tiles have low water absorption (less than 1%), high flexural strength, abrasion resistance, freeze resistance, pollution resistance, durability, small thickness, light weight, natural color, uniform water absorption, solid and durable, and easy to transport. Wide range of applications for floor and exterior decoration 300mm × 300mm, 300mm × 600mm, 600mm × 600mm, 600x900mm, 600mm × 1200mm, 800mm × 800mm, can also be customized according to needs; in addition, the company can also process all kinds of granite plates, marble plates, exterior insulation panels.
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